The Appledore & Instow Regatta first Regatta was in 1885 and has always focused on competitors taking part in water based competitive activities, involving boats in one form or another along with other amusements. Today the Regatta continues to promote local traditions and activities wherever possible with the spirit of the Appledore & Instow communities, for the fun and enjoyment of all attending and supporting this spectacular annual event.

The Regatta has long held fun and 
competitive elements from Greasy Pole to Club Rowing and Gig Racing including Model Yacht Racing and many more events to suit all interests. Browse the Regatta Events to view the details for each of the main events regularly run during the Regatta week.

Monies raised are used to hold the Regatta for the following year, without which the Regatta would not take place.

The Regatta has continued, with exception of the War years, from year to year without fail and has traditionally revolved around a single Regatta Day. But in recent times additional events have had to be catered for during the week and so now the Regatta is sometimes referred to as the 'Regatta Week'.

When you browse the variety of events you'll understand why it takes a week to get through, however the first day of the Regatta is still the main day.

We welcome any suggestions and ideas for new or current events and activities, please contact the Regatta Secretary.

Appledore & Instow

Appledore & Instow have shared on many occasions the historical events and activities that have helped shaped, and in some instances hindered, the develop of these communities. Throughout the history of these two Villages the people of Appledore & Instow have been inspirational, tenacious weathering difficult times and capitalise on their surroundings.

In more recent years the Villages have evolved into defined communities with a healthy demographic and social structures in supporting and developing their respective communities and celebrated heritage.

More importantly Appledore & Instow have through their collective endeavours developed through the centuries a community fabric woven and worn by its people very proudly which can be witnessed when you visit and meet the people of Appledore & Instow.

Appledore & Instow, the little villages with a big heritage.