Health & Safety Statement

The Appledore & Instow Regatta has been held on the River Torridge for well over 130 Years with events between Appledore and Instow. Health & Safety is paramount to ensure that all efforts are made to ensure the Health & Safety of Spectators and Competitors wherever possible.

The River Torridge is a tidal river with strong undercurrents in places. Everyone knows how dangerous water can be even if you are a strong swimmer. The Committee with local knowledge and experience with the support of the RNLI ensure that appropriate consideration is taken during the Risk Assessment when planning the Regatta Events.

The Committee annually conducts a Health & Safety Review of the up and coming Regatta event which includes a Risk Assessment where risks are apparent across all events programmed to ensure Spectators, Competitors and Regatta Staff can enjoy without incident the Regatta Week. During the Regatta the Committee (designated Health & Safety Officer) will continue to monitor events and the Assessed Risks to ensure appropriate action is taken if the risks assessed for the Event/s in question are deemed unacceptable or an incident occurs.

The Regatta Committee does not accept any risk or liability if it is identified that the actions of an individual or group of Spectator/s, Competitor/s or Regatta Staff or Volunteers have/has contributed to their own loss, incident or demise. All individuals or group of Spectator/s, Competitor/s or Regatta Staff or Volunteers must ensure they taker appropriate precautions when participating in an event. Competitors take part at their own risk.

If anyone sees anything which may jepodise the safety of anyone during the Regatta, please inform Regatta Staff immediately.

The Regatta Committee prior to the Regatta event liaises with all of the Emergency Services including the RNLI and the Local Authorities of both Appledore and Instow to ensure that the programme of events are appropriately supported.

The Regatta Committee takes the Health & Safety of all who visiting Appledore & Instow for the Regatta very seriously knowing how dangerous tidal waters with undercurrents can be, even to those who are strong swimmers. The Regatta Committee is made up of local people who take a great pride in their Villages and very much enjoy sharing these waters with others and having fun which is the fundamental basis of the Regatta. 

Safety First.

Peter Reveley
Honorary Secretary